Black Ginger: How to Grow, How to Use, and Benefits

Black Ginger: How to Grow, How to Use, and Benefits

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Black ginger originated from Thailand because of good soil temperatures and it has been used for over 1000 years as a food and herbal medicine to treat various types of diseases. Have you ever tried to use black ginger for medicinal purposes? This is what you need to understand about black ginger.

What is the difference between black ginger and ginger?

Compared to ordinary ginger, black ginger is darker in color from the inside. The ordinary ginger and black ginger look the same from the outside, but black ginger boasts a deep dark purple color on the inside. Though it might be difficult for you to find black ginger in the shop, the dried rhizome of black ginger is traditionally crushed and put into tea bags. When dried, it takes a dark charcoal color. Black ginger is proven to have powerful nutrition components that are good for your body.

Health benefits of black ginger to your body

Black ginger has important components that are beneficial to your body. Since Thai ancient history, black ginger has been used to prevent and treat different kinds of diseases. Here are some of the proven health benefits of black ginger.

  1. Black ginger promotes sexual health

Historically, black ginger has been favored by both men and women because of its improvement in sexual health. In Thai ancient history, men with erectile dysfunction, ingest black ginger as a medicinal remedy to the problem. On the other hand, women consume black ginger to increase the rate of libido. Black ginger has been proven to be one of the natural ways of boosting sexual health in both genders. Black ginger increases the blood flow in your body, which may help in enhancing sexual arousal and libido. The black ginger powerful component that helps in reducing levels of systolic and diastolic blood pressure hence promoting a good flow of blood in your body. It is recommended to take black ginger daily for a period of 2-3 months if you want to improve your sexual health.

  1. Helps in improving physical performance

If you are a fitness fanatic or athlete, black ginger, in particular, will help you to improve your ability to do more physical training. The consumption of black ginger has been proven to increase the level of physical performance, muscle endurance, and grip strength that will enable you to perform well in your training. Kaempferia parviflora extract from black ginger contains a compound known as poly methoxy flavones that activates an important metabolism that enhances muscle endurance and physical performance.

  1. Black ginger helps in increasing energy levels

Have you ever looked for a natural way to burn excess calories in your body and boost your energy levels? Well, consumption of black ginger has been proven to be an easy way of breaking down excess fats in the body and realizing the required energy. Black ginger activates the brown adipose tissues in your body that are very important to the release of energy. The important enzyme that is found in the black ginger helps in improving glucose metabolism hence improving the production of energy and reducing the level of fatigue.

  1. Black ginger prevents and treats cancer

Have you been looking for a way to prevent your body from deadly diseases such as cancer? Fine, black ginger has been tested and successfully found to be the best way to curb the spread of cancer cells in your body. The special compounds that are found in the black ginger help in reducing the rate of inflammation hence preventing your body from the attacks of cancerous cells. The antioxidants that are found in black ginger are important to protect the body’s important cells from free radical oxidative damages.

  1. Black ginger is important in weight loss

Going to the gym sometimes is very ache tic and you might require a simple and effective way to regulate your body weight. Consumption of black ginger is the best solution to your problem of weight loss. Black ginger when combined with a healthy diet and exercise helps in burning down excess fats in the body and improves the level of glucose. Black ginger improves the metabolic process in your body which is important in the reduction of weight.

  1. Black ginger act as an anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory

Acne vulgaris has affected many people in the world today. You are lucky if you have never been attacked by acne. Bacteria is the main cause of acne in your skin and if not prevented earlier it might spread to various parts of your body. Black ginger has been successfully tested to be an effective method of preventing bacterial infections such as acne in your body. Black ginger contains antimicrobial components that help to fight unwanted bacteria in your body. The presence of anti-inflammatory properties in the black ginger helps in treating and preventing the inflammation that is caused by the pathogens in your body. These anti-inflammatory properties in black ginger help your body also to endure any chronic pain.

  1. Black ginger act as anti-allergy

If you have been having an allergic reaction to several things that come in contact with your body, then try consumption of black ginger. The black ginger has been tested and proven to be beneficial in treating allergic diseases. Black ginger has the potential to improve peripheral blood circulation, strengthen blood vessels and relieve allergic symptoms.

How to enjoy black ginger

There are many ways and methods that you can enjoy your black ginger to improve the health of your body. You can decide to blend black ginger into smoothies, hot chocolate, or coffee or add them to your dishes. Here are the two easiest ways you can use to consume black ginger at your home.

  1. Mix up to half spoon of ginger in hot water or warm if you prefer it then just consume that way like hot water.
  2. Another method you can take black ginger easily is putting a half teaspoon of black ginger on the empty cup and then adding raw honey. Stir the mixture for 30-60 seconds until it forms a paste then you eat straight like that.

How much black ginger should you take daily?

Black ginger is an herbal supplement that has been used for several years to treat various diseases in your body. Like any other medicine, there is a certain amount that is recommended to e consume per day. Consumption of too much of something is poisonous to your body.  The best-recommended amount of black ginger that you need to take every day is 1 to 4 grams. More than this amount will lead to the formation of some side effects that can alter the functions of your body. Some of the common side effects associated with too much consumption of black ginger include an increase in the bleeding tendency, cardiac arrhythmias, depression of the central nervous system, diarrhea, and mouth irritation.

How to grow black ginger

Black ginger thrives well in the best warm and humid climates. You need to choose the site that provides plenty of direct sunlight to the black ginger and is protected from strong winds. The best soil of black ginger is loamy, loose soil that is highly rich in organic matter. The reason you need to plant black ginger on the loamy soil is to allow water to drain freely hence helping the rhizomes from becoming waterlogged. You need to have thick mulch that can provide nutrients, help in controlling weeds and enable the water soil to retain water.

Before planting the black ginger, ensure you cut the black ginger rhizome into one to one a half-inch pieces. Set the black ginger rhizomes pieces aside for a few days to allow the end cuts areas to heal fully. It is recommended that you plant the black ginger rhizomes at the start of the spring season.  Each rhizome piece should be plump with well-developed growth of buds or eyes.

The good and best source of black ginger for planting are fresh rhizomes from another grower. However, if you buy the black ginger from the stores, ensure you soak them in water overnight because they are sometimes treated with some retardant growths. Plant the black ginger rhizomes 6 to 8 inches apart and 2 to 4 inches deep and make sure the growth of buds is pointing upwards. Black ginger will grow up to about 2 to 3 feet tall.

When you realize that the soil you use to plant black ginger has fewer nutrients that allow the growth of the plant, you can add some fertilizer to boost the level of nutrients. Black ginger roots will benefit from the fertilizer containing a high level of phosphorus. It is recommended that you test the soil before planting the black ginger to know the level of nutrients.

After you have grown the blank ginger make sure you water regularly and avoid overwatering. Do not allow the plant to dry off because of a lack of water. The best time to harvest black ginger is after it has fully matured which is between 8 to 10 months after planted.

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