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Social Anxiety Online Therapy Services

Online therapy is a form of mental health treatment that can be provided by an online therapist to a client through their computer or mobile device. It provides a convenient and effective way to work through your problems. Social anxiety online therapy can be a great option for those who need help but don’t have access to mental health providers in their area.

It also offers the benefits of face-to-face therapy more conveniently. It also offers anonymity, allowing clients to be completely open and honest about their concerns. In this blog post, I’ve compiled the top 10 most promising psychotherapy services that are accessible from anywhere in the world.

Top 10 Social Anxiety Online Therapy Services

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Sources: Talkspace

Price: How much does talkspace cost? As low as $65 per week or $260 a month. Psychiatry’s initial session cost is $199 and $125 per follow-up appointment.

App available: Yes

Platforms: Video, Audio, Chat, Messaging

Insurance: Does talkspace take insurance? Accepts some insurance plans not all. Not accepting FSA, HSA, and some EAP plans.

Why We Chose It: Talkspace is a great, user-friendly company that offers an extensive range of services. It offers a lot of therapy options that cover various communication platforms, as well as flexible subscription plans. This app prescribes medication and accepts insurance. It has 3,000 licensed therapists and different subscription plans which makes it the best option for online therapy.


  • Medication management services are available
  • Multiple subscriptions options are available with varying prices
  • Some services are covered by insurance
  • When you will sign up, you will get a free 10-minute intro call or live video chat with a therapist


  • You can only choose a therapist from algorithm-selected matches
  • It is expensive due to additional services
  • Sign up is required for therapist bios on the website
  • Services are not covered by many insurance plans


Sources: Betterhelp

Price: How much does betterhelp cost? Depending on your location and availability prices ranges from $240 per month to $600 per month or more.

App available: Yes

Platforms: Live Video, Audio, Chat, Messaging

Insurance: Does betterhelp take insurance? Services offered here are generally not covered by health insurance. You can get a receipt to claim partial out-of-network reimbursement directly with your provider.

Why We Chose It: Betterhelp is one of the most versatile, customer-friendly online therapy services available. The company is highly rated by customers in a survey. Depending on your location, it may have cheaper subscription costs than other companies – such as Talkspace. It has access to more than 12,000 licensed and experienced mental health professionals. It helps people to find suitable therapists that match their needs.


  • A sign up is not required for therapist bios
  • All therapists are licensed and qualified
  • Availability of multiple communication methods
  • Availability of financial aid


  • Medication management services are not available
  • A free trial is not available
  • A therapist has chosen for you
  • Services are not covered by health insurance


Price: cost is $160 to $320 per month

App available: No

Platforms: Video, Audio, and Text Messaging

Insurance: Not available. But you can request a reimbursement for out-of-network expenses from your health insurance company via a receipt provided by this company.

Why We Chose It: Online strives to provide high-quality CBT online, with a comprehensive range of self-care tools. It provides its clients with an array of helpful tools like worksheets and an online journal. You can also schedule a 30-minute weekly live chat with your therapist and get unlimited text message support.


  • Therapists are specialized in CBT
  • It provides additional resources for self-care work
  • A discount for the first month is available
  • The app and website are user-friendly


  • Medication management services are not available
  • Couples or group therapy is not offered
  • Insurance is not provided
  • The 24/7 support option is not available


Sources: Amwell

Price: How much does amwell cost? $109 to $129 per session.

App available: Yes

Platforms:  Video and Audio

Insurance: Is amwell covered by insurance? Yes

Why We Chose It: Amwell offers appointments with qualified therapists, doctors, and counselors that can be scheduled for weekdays, evenings, and weekends. They accept most forms of medical insurance to assist the patients. With a user-friendly platform and the ability to select your healthcare professional, Amwell is our top pick for mental and physical health services. It provides the option to hide your view of your face during your session.


  • You can schedule sessions as needed
  • Nights and weekends availability of the therapist
  • Couples’ therapy and access to psychiatrists are available
  • Your visit is covered by insurance


  • Only live sessions are offered
  • Free consultation sessions are not offered
  • Subscriptions or bundle services are not offered
  • Technical difficulties are an issue


Sources: ReGain

Price:How much does regain therapy cost? $240 to $360 per month

App available: Yes

Platforms: Optional Live Chat, Unlimited Messaging, Phone or Video Sessions

Insurance: Does regain accept insurance? Services on this site not include health insurance providers. If your health plan includes it, you can get reimbursement.

Why We Chose It: ReGain provides a very reasonable subscription price, as well as helpful relationship advice. It is our favorite choice for couples’ therapy. They have counselors who specialize in relationships and who would be able to provide you with the assistance that you need. Make an appointment today!


  • All therapists have licence
  • Specialized in couples therapy
  • Unlimited messaging option for both partners
  • 1-week free trial when you start


  • Messaging is not for a depth communication
  • A therapist is chosen for you by site
  • Medication management services are not available
  • ReGain is not for court-ordered counseling

Pride Counseling

Pride Counseling
Sources: Pride Counseling

Price: How much does pride counseling cost? Price ranges from $240 to $480 per month.

App available: Yes

Platforms: Live Chat, Phone, Video, Messaging

Insurance: Does pride counseling take insurance? Services on this site usually not include health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid but you may be able to request a receipt to get reimbursement from your provider.

Why We Chose It: Pride Counseling provides a safe, supportive environment with a specialization in providing quality online therapy to the LGBTQIA+ community.


  • Subscriptions offer unlimited messaging and regular live sessions
  • All therapists are working with the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Multiple communication options are available
  • Easy navigation of app and website


  • You cannot choose your therapist
  • Psychiatry or medication management services are not available
  • No free trial is available
  • The service is not for emergencies


Sources: Monument

Price: Monument therapy cost is $9.99 to $249 per month

App available: Yes

Platforms: Live video and messaging

Insurance: Yes, but depends on the location

Why We Chose It: Monument is a unique digital therapy service, focusing exclusively on alcohol use disorders, recovery, and associated mental health conditions. Monument provides a tailored treatment plan for sobriety and moderation.


  • Multiple subscription plans at different prices are available
  • Health insurance acceptance
  • Free chat forums are available
  • Medication management services are available


  • Only available in 17 states and Washington D.C.
  • You can’t choose a therapist for you
  • Not suitable for other mental health condition

Faithful Counseling

Faithful Counseling
Sources: Faithful Counseling

Price: How much does faithful counseling cost? Price ranges from $240 to $400 per month.

App available: Yes

Platforms: Video, Audio, Chat, Messages

Insurance: Does faithful counseling take insurance? Services offered by this site not include health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. 

Why We Chose It: Every therapist and counselor in the Faithful Counseling network is a practicing Christian and will use faith-based guidance to help you cope with whatever you’re going through. And they’ll do it through live chats, video sessions, audio sessions, or messaging services.


  • All therapists follow the same statement of faith
  • The range of prices is based on your location and the therapist’s availability
  • Multiple ways of communication are available


  • The sessions limit is just 30 minutes
  • No guarantee that you will meet a therapist who aligns with your requests
  • Generic worksheets with little interaction are provided by some therapists

Ayana Therapy

Ayana Therapy
Sources: Ayana Therapy

Price: Ayana therapy cost is $290 per month or $140 per single session

App available: Yes

Platforms: Texting, Phone, and Video

Insurance: Insurance is not available. You could try for reimbursement with your receipt.

Why We Chose It: Ayana Therapy strives to connect minority groups or marginalized peoples with quality therapists who are of the same background.


  • Matches clients with therapists with the same backgrounds
  • Serving unserved communities
  • Provide a safe space for marginalized people


  • Medication management services available
  • Couples or group therapy is not available
  • Pricing information is not clear


Sources: Teladoc

Price: How much does teladoc cost? Price is $99 for therapy and $119 to $299 for psychiatry

App available: Yes

Platforms: Live Video and Audio

Insurance: Yes, accepts many insurance plans

Why We Chose It: Teladoc’s licensed therapists and psychiatrists are available at any time, seven days a week. Services are in-network with most major insurance companies and it provides services to users worldwide.


  • Serving teenagers and adults (over 130 countries)
  • Fully licensed therapists and psychiatrists are available
  • Offers medication management services
  • It is in-network with many insurance plans


  • It is expensive without insurance coverage
  • Offering only individual talk therapy
  • You need an account to see provider bios

Wrapping Up

Online therapy is a modern type of counseling that involves conducting sessions online, which gives more people the opportunity to access help. Therapy sessions can be with a therapist, or with someone who also has a mental health diagnosis. Online counseling is an alternative to in-person counseling and can help those who are unable to attend.

Social anxiety online therapy is a fast-growing alternative to traditional therapy, and it’s accessible from anywhere, anytime. We’ve compiled above the best online therapy for social anxiety, based on their prices, app availability, and pros and cons.

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