Common Health Problems You May Experience In Life

Common health problems you may experience in life

We ask you a question, how long ago did you get sick from today? At most you must have been ill 6 months ago. The life that changes a lot. Sometimes we are completely healthy and sometimes we have some health problem. Do you know that there are some common health problems that a person has at some point in his life? In this post, we are going to tell you 10+ common health problems you may experience in life.

Common Health Problems - 10+ Problems You May Experience in Your Life

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Common cold

Having a common cold is not a big deal. Some person keeps getting the common cold. It is a very fast-spreading disease. If one member of the family gets a common cold, then within a few days other family members also get infected.

There are many medicines available for this. Its medicine can be taken by contacting any doctor. Let us tell you that if you have been suffering from the common cold for a long time, then you must contact a good doctor.


Many years ago, only a few people had the disease of overweight, but with time this disease has started happening to many more people. Some developed countries like America. Here 1 out of every 3 people is overweight. The main reason for this is the culture of that country. Gradually the problem of being overweight is also being seen in other countries. If you are also overweight then do not worry. The problem of being overweight has become a common health problem.

Low immunity

Many people were aware of their immunity. But many people were not aware of their immunity or they do not do anything to boost their immunity. But when covid-19 came, everyone’s thinking changed. In today’s time, people are boosting immunity. Every person has to face immunity-related problems at some point of time in his/her life. When the immunity of the human body becomes weak, then the person starts getting many health problems.

If your immunity has also become weak then do not worry at all. This type of problem happens to every person many times in his life.

Hair loss

With age, there are many problems in the body. Some problems are natural, one of them is hair loss or baldness. Over time, it has also seen rapid growth. Baldness has also started occurring in people under the age of ’20s. A report in mid-2018 found that hair loss has become a common health problem in many countries. Children and women are also facing the problem of hair falling very fast.

Let us tell you that there is a solution to this problem. First of all, stop talking too much stress. If you have more problems with hair fall then you should consult a good doctor.

Mental health problems

In today’s time having a problem with mental health is not a big deal. In today’s time, everyone from children to the elder has a high level of stress. Stress causes a lot of mental health problems. Stress is also very easy to come by, stress sometimes comes from work, sometimes from family, and sometimes from financial status.

The reason for having a mental problem is not just stress. Apart from stress, there are many other reasons which lead to mental problems. If at this time you are going through mental health problem then it is not a big problem. Apart from you, countless people are also struggling with mental problems. Let us also tell you that if you have more mental problems then you must contact a good doctor.


Do you know to ride a bicycle? If you know how to ride a bicycle, you must have fallen while learning to cycle and you must have got injured. There are times in our life when we get injured. Some people get injured every day. Injury is a common health problem of every person. Most of the time there is no need to visit any doctor for less injury. When we get more injury then we need to see the doctor.


Diarrhea is a very dangerous disease at one time. In earlier times, whoever to get diarrhea, his life also used to go away. But in today’s time having diarrhea is not a big problem. On average, a person gets diarrhea once in 5 years. Some people get Diarrhea even once in 1 year.

Let us tell you that Diarrhea is a spreading disease. In simple words, Diarrhea is a viral infectious disease. Symptoms of diarrhea include loose stools, frequent bowel movements, cramping or pain in the abdomen, nausea, possibly fever or bloody stools, etc.


Headache happens to us sometime in the day. When we work for a long time or keep thinking for a long time, then we start getting headaches. You must have also faced headaches. Well, there are countless reasons for having headaches. When anything bad happens in our body or we feel any health problems, we still have headaches.

Most of the time, the cause of headaches is stress. There are three main types of headaches, they are named as cluster, tension-type, and migraine.

Pimple and wrinkles

There are many types of face diseases but some of them are famous diseases like pimples and wrinkles. Pimples and wrinkles happen to all people, whether it is a woman or a man. Let us tell you that between the age of 14 to 21, there is a lot of problem with the pimple. The problem of wrinkles is more between 20 years to 40 years.

There can be many reasons for getting pimples. If pimples and wrinkles are usually in less number and amount, then there is no need to worry much. But when it starts happening more than normal, then its treatment should be considered as soon as possible.


Vertigo is also a common health problem, in this disease, it seems that the surrounding object is moving roundly or going up and down like an elevator. Vertigo can also be called a mental disorder or confused stage.

The main reasons for having vertigo are, staying in bed for a long time, weakness in the body, injury, living in an unusual environment, etc. Long-term vertigo can cause vomiting or even fainting.

Loss of appetite

As its name suggests, it makes a person less hungry. In this, a person does not eat as much food as his body does need. Due to which the person becomes weak day by day.

There can be many reasons for the loss of appetite. Most of the time it is just due to some simple reason. It also gets better on its own in some time. But when this disease lasts for a long time, then the reason for this can be a happy big one. When any disease occurs in the human body then there is loss of appetite. The names of these diseases are like this, Constipation, Stomach virus, Eating disorders, Cancer, Tuberculosis, Typhoid, etc.

common health problems


Even though cancer disease is very dangerous, the word cancer has become a very common word. Today we often hear that someone has cancer.

In cancer, the human body itself starts killing itself slowly. If this cancer is detected early then it can be treated and it can be prevented from growing. But when cancer increases beyond the limit then it becomes difficult to stop it. According to a report, every year about 599,274 people lose their lives due to cancer.

Heart disease

First of all, let us tell you that more lives are lost due to heart disease than cancer. Although cancer and heart disease do not spread from one person to another, even then it is dangerous disease. Some time ago, heart disease only happens to a person above 25 years of age. But in today’s time, children of 15 years of age or less also get heart disease. In many cases, these children also lose their lives due to heart disease. There can be many reasons for having heart disease like excessive stress, improper daily routine, DNA, etc.


Does saliva fall from your mouth when you sleep? This is known as Drooling. Do you know whether Drooling is a common disease or not? Let us tell you that Drooling happens to many people. The reason for this can be many, such as weakening of the muscles of the mouth, underdeveloped muscles, production of more saliva in the mouth, etc.

If saliva is falling from the mouth of a young child, then it is a normal process. The same when saliva falls from the mouth of a person above the age of 15 years, then it is not normal.


In this post, we told you the names of the top 10 common diseases, which we can face at any age of our life. In simple words, we have told you 10+ common health problems you may experience in life.

Which of the above-mentioned health problems have you faced in your life? You can tell us about this by commenting. If you have any disease in the coming time, then do not worry too much. You go directly to a good doctor.

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