Top 12 Motivational Videos of All Time

12 Inspirational Videos That Will Change Your Life Forever

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The Ultimate Guide to the Top 12 Motivational Videos of All Time

Inspiration is a feeling of great pleasure and interest in an activity that we are doing. Inspiration also means to give someone new ideas for a future project.

In this article, I have compiled a list of 12 inspirational videos that you need to watch this year. These videos will help you get motivated and stay on track with your goals.

Are looking for some inspiration or motivation? Then these videos will hopefully inspire to motivate you in life.

Happiness Is A Choice

In my opinion, it’s not about how much money you make; it’s about what will make you happy and fulfilled in life.

Money isn’t a requirement for happiness; happiness is not something that you’re going to be chasing after and craving. It’s something that comes when we are living a life of meaning.

How to Find the Motivation When You Feel Stuck in Life?

Are you feeling like you’re stuck in your life? The first thing you need to do is to find the root cause of your frustration. Is it because of a lack of money, a lack of time, or an inability to find the motivation?

Giving yourself a boost doesn’t have to be a big challenge. You can try some of these simple self-help techniques: taking a walk, reading more, and watching motivational videos that make you feel good about yourself.

How to Overcome Friends That Negatively Influence You?

There are many ways to overcome negative people in your life. One way is to cut them out of your life. If you have friends that are constantly trying to bring you down, they will not be a good influence on you.

Another way is to change the subject when they start talking about something negative. This can be done by changing the topic of conversation or asking them a question about what they’re saying.

The Importance of Motivation for Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs, motivation is crucial for success. They need to overcome their fears and move ahead with their lives. Watching motivational videos will provide them with the energy and drive they need to keep on working towards success.

12 Must-Watch Inspirational Videos to Keep You Motivated – Keeswan

“Start Your Day Off Right With These 12 Inspirational Videos.”

Motivational videos are the perfect way to start your day off right. They can inspire you and motivate you to accomplish all of your goals.

There are many different types of motivational videos out there, but there is nothing more powerful than an inspirational video that will motivate you in your life.

Do What You Can’t

(Casey Neistat)

“When you need to be reminded of how many limitations you have.”

This video from Casey Neistat is a powerful, inspirational reminder to follow your ambitions and not let other people limit you in what you can or cannot do.

It’s a powerful reminder to question the limitations that others put on us.

The Best Gift I Ever Survived

(Stacey Kramer)

“When life gives you an obstacle or setback, it’s best to find the right way to move on.”

In this inspirational video, Stacey Kramer shares her struggle with hemangioblastoma – a type of brain tumor. Kramer describes all of the positive life-changing benefits that came out of her condition to show that it wasn’t so bad.

The Death Crawl Scene

(Facing the Giants)

“Remember to believe in yourself – you’re not what you think.”

One of the keys in this inspirational video is the coach who eventually puts a blindfold over the player’s eyes. This blindfold is essential, as it lets him keep playing even if he feels like he won’t be able to make it.

The blindfold frees him from his self-imposed limitations and allows him to tap into his full potential.

The lesson is that we have more capabilities than we think.

Finishes the Race

(Olympian Derek Redmond)

“Your journey is as important as your final destination, which is why you should make every part of it worth the journey.”

To get to your destination, complete what you’ve started.

Derek Redmond was favored to win the Olympics 400-meter sprint. However, he suffered a tragedy early in the race. Despite the hardship, Derek refused to quit.

Success is a Continuous Journey  

(Richard St. John)

“Reminder when you start to become too contented with your life.”

Success is a journey and not a destination. The journey to success isn’t easy and after you’ve achieved something it can be tempting to take a break.

However, sitting back simply won’t get you any closer to your goal – this inspiring video is here as a reminder that success is about the process, not the destination.

The Teacher Who Changed My Life

(Dan Lock)

“We should be mindful and kind in our interactions with others because every interaction we have can have far-reaching consequences.”

Look at the differences you can make with a single gesture or a positive word. Your personal story might also give someone hope.

In this inspirational video, entrepreneur and author Dan Lock share a story about how his hardworking and encouraging teacher convinced him to do more.

It’s a vital reminder that we can all make such a big difference in the lives of one another. This can happen through the smallest of actions.

The Social Revolution

(Antoine Cartier-Wells)

“Remember to seize the day and make your dreams come true.”

This speech by Memorize founder Antoine Cartier-Wells brings back the power and significance of your mind and spirit. Combining video footage and dramatic music, the video was made to promote the game Remember Me.

This inspirational video is worth watching. It reminds us how to use our full potential to do what we were made for!

Be The Change

(Les Brown & Jim Carrey)

“It is the best when you need an instant boost of inspiration.”

If you wait until you can cater to the needs of every single person, you’ll end up doing nothing for nobody.

This inspirational video was created to inspire people. It has clips of people doing amazing things, powerful music, and quotes from Les Brown and Jim Carrey.

Dream – a Compilation

(Les Brown, Eric Thomas, and Will Smith)

“Those who have a dream, but doubt themselves back away.”

The greatness in each one of us is something truly special. It doesn’t depend on what we are or where we came from. It only matters that we believe in ourselves.

This inspirational video reminds us that we all have more potential than we may realize. We must face adversity head-on because it will help us lead ourselves to a better life.

Christian the Lion Reunion

(John Rendall & Ace Berg)

“Humans and animals share a deep bond.”

The story of Christian the lion cub is just as heartwarming now as it was when John Rendall and Ace Berg rescued him back in 1969. They found him in a cage, cramped and lonely, and couldn’t bear the idea that he had to live his life like this – so they took him home. Once Christian had grown up though, they released him to live wild in Africa. A year later, they went to visit. The lion was friendly.

2012 Commencement Speech

(Neil Gaiman)

“It is the best video for anyone who wants a lucrative career as an artist, creator, or entrepreneur.”

And when you’re struggling, remember this: always make good art.

This video of Neil Gaiman’s commencement address is packed with wisdom for anyone with a creative soul.

Gaiman added about the freelancers: “Their work is good, they’re easy to get along with, and they deliver the work on time – even if you don’t have all three of these things. Two out of three will do!”

Get Back Up

(Nick Vujicic)

“It’s important to gain perspective and remember all the things you have to be grateful for.”

It’s encouraging to know that you are not the only one who thinks this way. It’s empowering to know that you are worth something too.

This video gets you pumped up and should act as an inspiration for kids to go shoot for their dreams.

The Bottom Line

Every day, we’re faced with challenges that make us want to give up on our dreams. Fortunately, there are many motivational videos out there that can help change our perspective – and get us back on track. Check out Keeswan’s ultimate guide to 12 of the greatest motivational videos ever created.

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